If an operation is necessary, it will be performed by me after detailed consultation and information, depending on the individual situation and insurance status in the Private Clinic Doebling, in the Sanatorium Hera, in the Franziskus Hospital (formerly Hartmannspital), in the Golden Cross or in the operating room in my office in 1090 Vienna. I am also a consultant physician at the Doebling Private Clinic, the Hera Sanatorium, the Franziskus Spital, the Goldenes Kreuz and the Vienna Private Clinic.

1. Cataract-Operation (Grauer Star)

If the lens becomes cloudy, it can be replaced with a new plastic lens. The correction of astigmatism, with a toric lens is also possible.

2. Eyelid surgery

  • Blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid)
    In case of age-related drooping of the upper and/or lower eyelids, a blepharoplasty can be performed.
  • Eyelid malpositions (entropion, ectropion)
    If the eyelids turn inward (entropion) or outward (ectropion), shortening of the eyelid may be necessary.
  • Eyelid tumors (warts, styes)
    New formations on the eyelids or encapsulated inflammations can be surgically removed

3. Conjunctival operations

  • Removal of neoplasms (tumors, pterygia)

    Conjunctival neoplasms, some of which may even grow into the cornea, can be removed.

4. Retinal surgeries

  • Epiretinal membranes (ERM)
    On the retina, mostly in the center of the retina (macula), a membrane can form which leads to a detoriated vision. This membrane (ERM) can be removed by retinal surgery (vitrectomy).
  • Macular Foramen (MF)
    A hole can form in the center of the retina (macula) (MF) that can lead to blurred vision in the center of the field of vision. With retinal surgery, this hole can be closed again and the visual disturbance can be corrected.
  • Retinal detachments (Ablatio retinae)
    A defect in the retina can lead to retinal detachment, which can progress to blindness. Retinal surgery can restore the retina to normal.
  • Proliferative diabetic retinopathy with traction (tractive PDRP)
    Diabetes mellitus can cause membranes and vessels to form on the retina leading to retinal detachment. These membranes can be removed during retinal surgery and the retina can be brought back into contact.

5. Vitreous surgery

  • Vitreous opacities (hemorrhages, synchisis scintillans)

    Due to the formation of new blood vessels in the eye, bleeding may occur in the eye or other opacities may develop in the eye, which can be removed by vitreous surgery.

6. Lasertreatments

  • Retinal laser A retinal laser can be performed in the case of changes in the retina (e.g. in the case of diabetic changes or after vascular occlusions in the retina) or in the case of fresh retinal defects.
  • Secondary cataract After cataract surgery, a secondary cataract may form in some cases. This can be treated with a YAG laser. This therapy is not painful and only takes a few minutes.
  • Iridotomie Bei einem akuten Glaukomanfall kann mittels Laser-Iridotomie schnell Abhilfe geschaffen werden indem kleine Löcher in die Regenbogenhaut gesetzt werden um die Kammerwasserzirkulation zu verbessern.
  • Iridotomy In the case of an acute attack of glaucoma, laser iridotomy can be used to quickly remedy the situation by making small holes in the iris to improve aqueous humor circulation.

7. Intravitreal injections

Intravitreal surgical drug application (IVOM) may be required for some retinal diseases (e.g. wet age-related macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema, diabetic retinopathy, after retinal vascular occlusions).


There are different medications that are injected for different conditions. In my surgery room anti-vascular-endothelial-growthfactor (anti-VEGF) as well as cortisone preparations can be administered (e.g. Eylea, Ozurdex).

8. Botox and filler injections

For wrinkles around the eye or frown lines and forehead wrinkles I can offer you a therapy with botulinum toxin (Botox). I can also inject the frown line with a filler.

9. Cryotherapy

The Cryopen® can be used to ice small skin lesions (e.g. warts, angiomas) around the eye. It may take 1-3 sessions to completely remove the skin lesions.